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Gum Myrrh Premium Pea Size

$41.04 per pack

This grade of Gum Myrrh is a small handful that would range from the size of seeds to the size of beads. The color of the gum ranges from a crystal crude yellow to a dusky brown.

*Per pack = 900 gm

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Roasted Peanuts without Shell

$6.96 per pack

A very popular dry fruit of winter season. The roasted peanuts can be eaten raw. Its color ranges from light brown to beige.

*Per pack = 900 gm

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Salted Pistachio in Shells

$21.25 per pack

Salted Pistachios are sour and crisp nuts within a shell. Once shelled, these can be eaten raw.

*Per pack = 900 gm

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Roasted Cashew Nuts

$21.36 per pack

Roasted Cashews are the edible kidney shaped seeds that have a naturally delicate flavor.

*Per pack = 900 gm

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Smoked Almonds

$20.17 per pack

Smoked almonds are the slightly roasted form of raw almonds that offer a delicious and crunchy taste. Smoked almonds are a tasty way to ward off midday hunger and treat as a snack.

*Per pack = 900 gm

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Dry Red Rose Flowers

$3.66 per pack

These are dry Red Rose Flowers with petals and calyx having wonderful pleasing aroma. The petal color ranges from velvety red to burgundy and a hint of purple.

*Per pack = 300 gm

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Natural Himalayan Pink Rock Salt 500g Pouch

$6.84 per pack

ZOQ Natural Himalayan Pink Rock salt in 500gm pouch. It can also be used as a refill for the grinder jars.

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Safed Musli

$12.33 per pack

It is a rare natural herb, yellow to brown in color.

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